Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On The Road Again…


May 2012 Trip Home 085

With each and every family member in attendance (all three of us), we set out on our long trip home. Our car was filled to the very top with red and white moving boxes, various types of candy, and a few Good Housekeeping magazines to help pass the time.


May 2012 Trip Home 001

To make sure we arrived at our correct destination we made sure to bring our –seriously- outdated atlas, along with our GPS that has the voice of Yoda.

May 2012 Trip Home 069

We were on our way back to Arizona.



May 2012 Trip Home 064

The first day of driving was sunny and beautiful. A perfect road trip pep talk. I was excited for the adventure, watching the world go by. Feeling free. Limitless even.

Days like this are dangerous for a dreamer like me.

I have thoughts like, Let’s just keep driving. With absolutely no destination in mind. We should drive until we find the perfect place! We’ll just know it when we see it.

All the while, Ryan, the realist, is thinking of ways to shorten our trip by driving through strictly cornfields.

May 2012 Trip Home 014

I love driving through new places, even if it’s just seeing them off the highway. My brain needs that. I need to see how others live. Get out of my own little box now and then.

I figure, the more we learn from others, the more we get to know ourselves. And from that, the more we get to know the world we live in.

May 2012 Trip Home 005


It makes me wonder how many people have drove down this road before us? How many have taken this same exact trip? And what for?

Were they sight seeing, moving for a new job, searching for love, running from the law? 

May 2012 Trip Home 058

Thinking about it makes me feel like a tiny little spec in the grand scheme of things.

A tiny, happy to be on a road trip with her husband and son, little spec.




May 2012 Trip Home 018

According to a local (the guy at the front desk of our hotel), this type of fog is normal here.

May 2012 Trip Home 022

For miles and miles, we could barely see anything in front of us. This stretch of highway took First Prize, in The Scariest Part Of Our Trip.

Plus, we we hadn’t seen any other cars for quite some time, which made it even more eerie.

I was preparing myself for some kind of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ creature to come crawling out of the woods, grabbing for our car.

We finally made it to Kearney, Nebraska.

(Without any creature sightings.)

When we drove to our hotel (which was really nice btw), all we were able to see was the road directly in front of us. After about three car lengths, it was lost in fog. 

May 2012 Trip Home 041

So, you can imagine our surprise, when we woke up and saw an entire city around us.

May 2012 Trip Home 027

May 2012 Trip Home 029

We were happy to be able to sit down and enjoy breakfast together, instead of once again eating fast food.

May 2012 Trip Home 051

For me, there is something about eating at a restaurant early in the morning. Refreshing almost. Not being a morning person, I feel as if I have so much more time to accomplish whatever has been on my to-do list.

I’ve been meaning to make a bench out of wood pallets.

Oh yeah, I wanted to make my own hand scrub...

Maybe I should recover that lampshade.

Or spray paint random furniture. Yellow.

Make a mirror out of spoons.

Mod Podge everything.

Make a light shade out of chicken wire.

Learn to crochet.

Remember why I hate crocheting.

Make my own gift bags.

Chevron everything.

Paint a chalkboard wall.

May 2012 Trip Home 046

Or not accomplish anything, and just be excited for the breakfast potatoes.

May 2012 Trip Home 047May 2012 Trip Home 048

photo (1)

May 2012 Trip Home 053

After breakfast, we were back on the road again.

May 2012 Trip Home 062

Noticing anything that didn’t resemble flat ground. Trying to remember that I wouldn’t see this everyday, so I better take in. Even if it’s just a simple river running underneath the road.

May 2012 Trip Home 067

Mama horse, and baby horse.^

May 2012 Trip Home 071



No, we didn’t stay here. I just fell in love with their big beautiful sign.


Something about it is so interesting.

May 2012 Trip Home 087

If only It had been a little smaller. I would have ignored that exquisite No Trespassing sign, cleaned it up, and took it home to hang on my wall.

May 2012 Trip Home 081



May 2012 Trip Home 093

May 2012 Trip Home 088

May 2012 Trip Home 090

May 2012 Trip Home 098

May 2012 Trip Home 097



May 2012 Trip Home 122

So we used my beloved, to book our hotel. Hotwire always gives me great deals (no, they didn’t pay me to say that). I love it so much, I use it whenever we travel.

This time it sent us to The Crowne Plaza, in Colorado Springs. Sounds fancy right?

Yeah, not so much. Our room was nice don’t get me wrong.

Looked clean, nice comfy bed, the price was good.

It must have been the GINORMOUS [dead] moths we found [inside] our room, and the urine stains on the back of the toilet that we didn’t prefer.

-Just keepin’ it real.-

Needless to say, if you know me at all, you know that I won’t be dealing with any of that.

Dead moths are not something I like to see in a hotel room, but staying there would be do-able. Ryan could put them outside, we’d be grossed out but still have a nice stay.

But the toilet thing… I have seen enough Hotel Impossible episodes on the Travel Channel (LOVE that show) to know that house keeping is not doing their job.

Applause to anyone who cleans things for other people, because Lord knows, doing it for my only family is hard at times. So, you are all awesome, and appreciated. With that said, I had to say something Ryan had to say something.

And you know what happened…

May 2012 Trip Home 120

They gave us a romance suite!

May 2012 Trip Home 103

Two floors!

May 2012 Trip Home 100

Downstairs there was a pull-out bed, a flat screen t.v., a desk, a bathroom and shower. Along with a patio looking out to the pool.

May 2012 Trip Home 102

May 2012 Trip Home 105

May 2012 Trip Home 106

Upstairs, there was a beautiful soft bed, another flat screen t.v., two sinks, a bathroom, and a giant tub.

May 2012 Trip Home 109

May 2012 Trip Home 111

May 2012 Trip Home 112

May 2012 Trip Home 113

May 2012 Trip Home 114


On second thought, I would like to hug the house keeping person who forgot to clean our last room properly.

Because there is no way we would have ever paid full price for this room.

Crowne Plaza of Colorado Springs, you are forgiven. And Hotwire, you’ve done it again.




May 2012 Trip Home 139

I love cows. Maybe it’s because I’m from the country. Maybe It’s because I’m a vegetarian. Maybe it’s because it reminds of when I was an intern at FARM SANCTUARY, one of the greatest places on earth, or maybe it’s because they are just so cute. Either way, when I see them, it makes me happy. Like a little kid happy.

May 2012 Trip Home 158

May 2012 Trip Home 141

I’m lucky to have a husband who will roll his eyes, and then hesitantly give into my “Let’s just go say hi, just for a second.”

May 2012 Trip Home 156

Which kind of worked out, because what road trip is complete without a pit stop to catch a beautiful sunset?

photo (2)




May 2012 Trip Home 161

Well, it happened, the old rock to the windshield thing. 

May 2012 Trip Home 163

It takes the #2 spot for The Scariest Thing To Happen On This Trip.

May 2012 Trip Home 162

Luckily it’s just under where the GPS sits. So Ryan can’t even see it. It could have been right in the middle, or shattered it completely.  Although, it will eventually need to be replaced, I’d say we were extremely fortunate.

May 2012 Trip Home 170May 2012 Trip Home 172May 2012 Trip Home 173May 2012 Trip Home 174

May 2012 Trip Home 169

Next up, is ARIZONA!  And our pictures from when we went to see a [HUGE] Meteor Crater in the Arizona desert.


photo (3)

May 2012 Trip Home 176


Farmgirl Paints said...

wow girl i love how you captured it all:) what gorgeous pictures!!!! so glad the glass didn't come at you. my friends were driving home from a visit with us in MN and a semi kicked something up at the window and it went all over them. my friend had tons of tiny little scratches all over her legs from the glass. scary! LOVE the cows. great post:)

thb said...

I love the Motel sign as well! Very cool!!!

Mama Hen said...

I like taking trips and you took some great pictures! It looks like so much fun! I hope you are well! have a great night!

Mama Hen

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