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Happy New Year & The Hands On Museum - Ann Arbor, Michigan

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After a bit of a much needed ‘blogcation’, I’m back.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Welcome 2012, I’m so happy you are finally here. I think quite a few of us were waiting for you.


This year we wanted to make our New Years Eve really special.

Normally we I stay home with the little man, pop a few bottles of sparkling cider, and watch the ball drop with that sweetie pie of a man, Dick Clark, and my girl, Jenny McCarthy.

But because Ryan is leaving for tech school, and will be gone for over 100 days [big sad face], and we just happened to have my parents offering to babysit, we decided this year we would go out. Really live it up. You know, get crazy. Like we did before we had a kid.

I put on an old dance club remix, applied my make-up on a bit darker than usual, and was ready to show everyone I (still) got those moves like Jagger….

Our plan was to go to a nice bar/ restaurant, that was having a New Years Eve party.

Their flyer online said something about a DJ and a 90’s cover band.

Since when did our generation need cover bands? Feeling a tad older these days, I’ve gotta say. Wasn’t it just 1999?  Oh yeah, only about 13 years ago!


Whatever, they had drink specials, and a dance floor.

We were all set to go; ready to start our crazy night. We weren’t quite looking for a scene out of ‘The Hangover’, but something pretty close would have been just fine.  We were pumped.

We kissed our little man goodbye, told him to have a great time, and to call us at midnight.


[9:30 p.m.]

CUT TO - us pulling out of the drive way:

Ryan:  “That place is kind of far away.”

Me:  “Yeah, it is. Everything around here is though.”

Ryan:  “Are you sure you want us to drive that far though?”

Me:  “Uhh, I don’t care. I mean we could go to Brighton and try to find something there instead? I’m sure there is fun stuff going on there too.”

Ryan: “Well, it is closer. Yeah, let’s try that.”


[9:45 p.m.]

CUT TO - us driving around looking for places:

Ryan: “I’m hungry.”

Me:  “Yeah, me too. Let’s get something to eat first.”

[9:50 p.m.]

CUT TO – us stopping at every restaurant in town, only to find out they just closed.


CUT TO – us going to Chili’s because it was the only place open.

CUT TO – us eating too much, then walking out to our car, wondering what should we do now?

[11:25 p.m.]

CUT TO – us driving around again.

Ryan:  “Would you want to go the bar we were originally thinking about?”

Me:  “Yeah, I guess… Sounds good. Lets just do something. I don’t want to be in the car at midnight.”


::So we started driving in that direction.::

Me:  “I wonder what our little guys doing right now?”

Ryan:  “Yeah, I know, me too.”

Me:  “Do you think he even notices that we’re gone?”

Ryan: “Probably not. I don’t think he even knows what New Years Eve means.”

Me:  “Yeah, you’re right. He’s good.”

Ryan:  “If we turn right here, we might be able to make it home before the ball drops.”

We looked at each other.

Me:  “Are you sure?”

Ryan shakes his head, yes.

[11:56 p.m.]

CUT TO – us running in the house 4  minutes before midnight.

Hugging our little man, saying “We missed you too much”.

Picnik collage1

Isn’t it funny, as parents, sometimes we long for parts of the life we had before we had kids, but the truth is there is no going back. Our priorities are different, and the definition of what makes something fun changes too. I can show the world ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ another night. Tonight, is perfect, just like it is.

Ryan: “Are you sad we didn’t go out tonight?”

Me: “We knew where the party was all along. It doesn’t get any better then this.”




The Hands On Museum


My mom has been wanting all of us to go to a ‘hands on’ museum for a long time now. With Ryan leaving so soon, it was now or never.

Amazingly everyone got the day off work and we all smushed into my mom’s Jeep.

Before we left the driveway, I started thinking, oh wouldn’t this be cute, to get a picture of all of us in the car. -

Me: “Hey dad, would you take a picture of everyone? You could probably just set the camera on the dashboard.”

Dad:  “Okay, like this?… Smile!”


Mom:  “I don’t think I was in it.”

Dad:  “Lean over this way.”

Me: “Dad, I think you need to zoom out.”

Dad: “I got it.”


Mom:  “I really don’t think I was in it.”

Me:  “Dad, let me zoom it out real quick.”

Dad:  “I think I got it.”

Little Man: “Are we there yet?”

Me:  “Maybe you could try just one more?”


Dad:  “Yep, I got it.”


Yes, you sure did.



Now Entering one of my favorite cities…



If you’ve never been to Ann Arbor, Michigan, it’s a really great town, full of all kinds of restaurants, book stores, and neat little shops. It’s also the home to the University of Michigan. Blue and gold, baby.

Picnik collage8

The nerdy truth is that Ryan and I used to go to these places before we had our son.


Our love for educational field trips has, in my opinion, strengthened our marriage.


We both love to learn. And our little man loves to go anywhere there are toys he can play with, so it totally works.


His favorite part, by far, was the pretend fishing/ water play area. IMG_2574

We literally had to bribe him to step away.


“Whoa, I think they’re giving away free puppies over there.”


“Oh, that’s strange, it was just some kids playing with blocks.  But look at that!….”


On to the next.





This particular museum, being geared towards children, some of the displays were well, boring.

(To me anyway)


But some were really freakin cool.


Like this tornado simulator.



Picnik collage1

Or this real life ambulance.






But the coolest, had to be this skeleton.


When you pedaled, he pedaled.


Showing you how your bones look, when they’re in motion.



Picnik collage3

A must for any science center. A giant piano, you play with your feet. Just like the one Tom Hanks played in the giant toy store, in the movie ‘Big’. 


But my favorite thing in the whole museum…

A magnetic word wall.


I’m so in love with this, that I’ve decided I need one of these in my own home.

Picnik collage5

Magnetic word wall, you will be mine.  Oh yes, you will be mine.


Picnik collage4



The Preschool Area


Hungry, anyone?


I made dinner.


Ladies, get ready to be jealous.

My man, has many talents, but one that really gets me…

Picnik collage6

is his ability to juggle.

Yes, you heard me.

My man can juggle big balls. And it makes really me happy.

Picnik collage2


My Mom And Dad – The love birds.


The reason they were laughing was because, my mom can never keep her eyes open when someone takes her picture.


Needless to say, I had to make fun of her for it, and then take a few more pictures just in case.




With the clock ticking closer and closer to closing time, we figured it was probably time to go home.


We grabbed our coats, and headed for the door.


Enjoying the beautiful sights of the city.

Picnik collage7

Then enjoying the beautiful sights in the car.

Although, the days coming up will be hard. I’m going to make sure I keep this day in the back pocket of my memory. Because it was really that good.





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