Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My New Jewelry Display

When Carrie Bradshaw said, “I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet", I thought, exactly!
I need to see the things I buy/ own,  or I never use them. It’s a fact.
In particular my jewelry, was in need of some serious organization. After all, the majority of everything we own is still in Arizona, while we are in Michigan.
Temporary living arrangements are so fun.
I keep finding only one earring. Wondering if it’s partner was forever lost in the move, or if it’s  just trapped in storage.
I needed to figure out a way to showcase my jewelry, so that I would be able to fully utilize everything I have. And this is what I came up with.
A repurposed bathroom shelf/ towel rack, is now my New Jewelry Display.
I’ve gotta say, I’m kind of in love with the idea.
Everything is so visible, yet neat. Art, made of  jewelry, hanging on my wall.
Since I’ve had this up, I’ve definitely noticed myself wearing more necklaces.
And also, because I have the entire selection right in front of me, I have been finding a ton of new outfit/jewelry combinations, that I may have never tried before. 
Some of these necklaces are extremely important to me, for instance the jewelry my grandma left specifically to me.
I hope to be able to pass those down to my own grandchildren one day.
And of course there are those last minute add-ons,  while you’re standing in line, at the Forever 21 register. Saying to yourself,  “Oh, this is cute! I’ve been wanting one just like this”.  That mostly consist of cheap jewelry that you don’t need, and that you will probably only wear a couple times before it gets broken, or lost.
Yeah, I’ve got some of that too.
But then,  there are some pieces that although I will most likely never wear again, I just can’t seem to get rid of.
Like ones about friendship (From my BFF, circa 3rd grade), or the one made completely of puka shells (From our last family trip, before I moved to Arizona and started my own little family, Florida, circa 2005) , or how about the butterfly belly chain (From Rollerama, circa 1998, to laugh at myself, for ever wearing it in public).
Yeah, those are pretty important too.
I also organized my earrings.
Well, the ones I could find anyway.
I just used a big picture frame, took out the glass, and added polka dot fabric.
Instant earring display.
The fabric choice is important with this project. I wanted to make sure and pick something that wouldn’t look bad after I poked a few holes in it.
It almost feels like a baby blanket/ burp cloth.  I have no idea what it’s called. But the fabric is soft and a bit thicker, which is good for the heavier earrings.
This idea works really well for the dangly types, but I’m still trying to find a place for all my stud earrings.
I’d really like to stick with a functioning, yet still visible type of organization, but I just haven’t seen anything that I like. If I come up with anything awesome, I’ll let you know.

PART ONE – Why I never get any work done.
My family is obsessed with Words with Friends.
If you aren’t sure what it is, or you’ve never played before; it’s basically the game Scrabble on your phone or computer.
We are constantly saying to each other, “Did you go yet?, Did you go yet?”
With every ounce of my being, I am not a competitive person, except for when it comes to this game.
And my husband will do anything in his power to make sure I do not win. (Unlike me, he is very competitive in everything he does. )
Which means we give each other the:  I’m so gonna kick your butt look, and say things like, “You’re goin down”,  “Game on” and “Bring it”.
Side Note: Because we are playing  this game all the time, my little man has taken an interest in it too. He always asks if he can play. And although, he does know a lot of his letters, he can’t quite spell yet.
So whenever he says he wants to play;
I tell him what the word is that I need to make.
I have him find the correct letter, and then I point to the place it needs to go, while he moves it there.
Not only does it help with letter recognition, but he feels like he is helping to spell those words.
Ryan just said to me “Are you writing about how I always beat you at Words with Friends? “
Game on.


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