Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas





Thanksgiving Re-cap


This year we just trying to reassemble our lives. Pick up the pieces and try and fit them together the best way we know how.

I’m just gonna say it…  2011, you were kind of a jerk.


So basically it went like this: we were hungry, we were tired, and we ordered most of it pre-made.


But most of all we were thankful.

Because there is always something to be thankful for.

Here’s to next year. – Hoping things finally settle down, and we all finally get a chance to breath. 

Aren’t we always wishing for this though? – and when our lives are calm, it’s almost  too hard to appreciate it. As mothers, I think we feel like we should always be doing more. Maybe that should be one of my new year resolutions. Take in the calm, love it, embrace it, welcome it.



 Photographer in training

Yet again, my little man woke up before me and went downstairs. I swear this doesn’t happen often. But when it does, I immediately get a little voice in  my head that says:

oh crap, what did he get into?  What’s broken… thank goodness we don’t have any chocolate cake right now.

This time it was my camera that was taken hostage during his early morning escapade.

I asked him why he took it and he replied. “Because I wanted to take pictures of Tobias.”

Although, it’s kind of adorable that he wants to take pictures like I do, he knows better. 


I found it underneath the dining room table. With a full memory card, which for the record - wasn’t full the last time I used it.

The lens cap was off, but was amazingly unharmed.

I decided to check out the evidence.


Most of the pictures were of our kitty Tobias’s rear end. Obviously,  following him around to get the perfect shot. And amazingly, he took this beautiful photo. The kid has skills, I gotta say… I’m impressed.


There were also pictures that looked as if he had put a stuffed animal on the floor and posed it just right to get the perfect angle.

Say cheese Mr. Yogi Bear cup, it’s your moment, make it count.


And this last one, of course it’s my favorite.  Amazing evidence of the crime in progress.

He must have been so overly-confident that he would never be found, that he wanted to do a self portrait.  I can just hear him saying: Haha you’ll never catch me now.

Too bad I know where he lives.

Guilty. Case Closed.




Celebrating a birthday, seeing out of town family, rumbling tummies… all great reasons to let someone else do the cooking for one night.


We enjoyed each others company, sang happy birthday, and met my cousins new wife for the first time.


You go there wanting a particular entree, and what you end up getting is a hearty plate of love, with a small side of crazy family drama.

All of the questions like: “What have you been up to?” or “How is your husbands job going?” remind me why spending time with family is so important.


Nights like these never disappoint.




Felis Domesticus ::: (A.K.A. -  a domestic house cat.)


Did you know our kitty Tobias has the letter J on his back.

( Swear. You can see it in the picture my little man took  of him.)


I guess  we probably should have named him something that started with that letter.

Maybe…  James Bond,  Jabba the hut,  Jupiter,  Justin Meowber,  Jelly,  Jaws,  Jimbo,  or  Johnny Cat-sh.


Oh well,  too late now. We love plain old Tobias. It suits him. He’s a big scaredy cat that jumps at his own shadow. Worthless with anything that might involve actual hunting or cat-like skills. But he’s lovey and likes to cuddle. And to me, that’s much more important.

P.S. Those big green eyes kill me.


Get out your shovels and ice scrapers.

Just joking about my last post with the snow. THIS was the first real snow.


So much snowman building potential.


It has already started to melt. But I expect it will be back again real soon.



Even after living in Michigan most of my life, I had forgotten what it was like to go to sleep with visions of green grass in my mind, only to wake up to white covered everything. Such a beautiful sight.

White Christmas indeed.



The Favour Shoppe


I'm so happy to have The Favour Shoppe as a sponsor this month. If you've already “liked” of them on Facebook OR Twitter than you know they are a wonderful company that loves talking directly with their customers.

Their products are high quality and ridiculously adorable. Perfect for any occasion. 

Plus, the fact that they guarantee that their prices are the lowest for online favors (such as: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays etc) is really impressive.

There really is no need to shop anywhere else.

I was able to review one of their Christmas items. [I had no clue what she was sending me.]


I literally squealed when I opened the box. And (I’m not over-exaggerating when I type this) the minute I saw what was in there, I was in love.


Hello my new favorite Christmas decor item. You sure are purdy. I can’t wait to show you off to my friends and family.


These place card holders would be great for any kind of winter party, get together or wedding.


They can say names, the type of food you’re serving, or you could just use them as decorations.


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I can’t wait to show  you what I will be using these for.

It’s gonna be magical… Like those must-do-every-year Christmas eve traditions, kind of magical.




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The Favour Shoppe said...

Gorgeous photos!! LOVE that your son took SO many!! How many were there? Full memory card!! hehe

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