Monday, December 19, 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


My Relationship Status -With Winter: “It’s Complicated”.

Happy Monday! More specifically, happy Monday before Christmas!

I’m going to keep it kinda short today, because well, I’ve got a ton of stuff still left to do.

Which leads me to the,  I-love-you-so-much-but-you-make-me-crazy feelings that I have about winter, and the holidays within it.


I love Christmas. The music, the movies, the hot chocolate, wrapping of the gifts, the gift giving, seeing kids so excited,  the butterflies I get in my stomach on Christmas eve.

It’s all magic.  Pure magic.


Even if I’m not really feeling cheery or festive, I will do everything I can to make myself go there. 



1.) It only happens once a year, I better enjoy it,

and  -the most important reason-

2.) I have a three year old counting on me to shape his childhood.  Help be his memory maker.

And I don’t plan to disappoint.


But with all of that wonderful Christmas magic, comes the not-so-fun joys of winter…


I love snow, but driving  in it is just plain scary.


I love making and eating the yummy desserts, but thinking about writing the words;

“Lose another 5-10 pounds”  on my list of  new year resolutions, makes me want to eat 5-10 cookies.

(Which makes absolutely no sense, I’m aware.)


I love shopping for gifts, but the stores are crowded, and the people are just plain crazy.


I love sending out Christmas cards, but getting the picture is always a fun event in itself.


ME: “What do you mean you’re not wearing the tie? I matched both of our outfits around you wearing it.”

RYAN: “Yeah, I’m not wearing it.  I’ve decided, I’m not really dressing up.”

ME: “Oh  yeah, you’ve decided? When did you plan on telling me this big decision? Now, our outfits aren’t going to look right. Now, I have nothing to wear.”

RYAN: “How about you wear the tie?”



But after it’s over, when you look back at the pictures years later, you realize it was worth it.

… It was all definitely worth it.


Because of smiles like this.


So even though, I’m not done shopping. And I’m afraid to say, I think know we will be one of the crazy people who are out shopping on Christmas eve.  And you know what? That’s just fine.


Because even if we don’t get everything on the list, even if we burn our Christmas eve dinner, we still have each other.

We will still have that smile.


And that is my favorite gift.


My Husband,  the romantic


Here is a beautiful heart, my husband made for me out of snow.

Aww he’s so cute.


And of course after I tell him that, he gets all manly and has to destroy it, immediately.

{Lovingly of course.}


… Romance must be his middle name.




 The Train Set


The decorations are up, the tree is lit. The house can be seen glowing from down the street. It’s all coming together.


My mom even decided to get my little man, an early present. A train set, that drives in a circle, under the Christmas tree.


He’s pretty much in love.


He tells anyone that will listen,

“See this?” (pointing to the train) “This is the engine! Oh, and see this- it’s the caboose!”

Just in case they didn’t already know.



Unfortunately, I won’t be able to show a picture of it actually driving on the track. Because, well, he already broke it.

The wheels, the track, other random parts are missing.

Gee, that lasted a while.

Clearly, this train didn’t have ’For kids 3+’ , written anywhere on the box. 



[Dialing my phone…]

“Hi Wal-Mart,

I know it’s Christmas eve,  but… Do you have any train sets that are pretty much indestructible? I’ll hold while you check on that,  thanks.”




Stay Calm & Eat a cookie


Did you know that chocolate chip cookies have a naturally calming effect, when  you eat them with milk?


Okay, that’s a lie. I totally made it up. 


I mean technically speaking, it is Santa’s drink of choice.

(I imagine delivering gifts to all the kids in the world gets a bit stressful, you’d think he’d at least want a glass of wine.)

So, who knows, it could be true.

I  know I feel better after I eat chocolate.


Either way, this week is bound to get crazy.


So, if  you start to feel overwhelmed, just grab a glass of milk,  along with a cookie, or five.

And, remember it only happens once a year.


Better make it count.


Now, I’ll leave you with my all time favorite Christmas song, sung by the fabulous Judy Garland. From the movie ‘Meet me in St. Louis’. <3




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