Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Catch-Up 2011 {Part 1} - Making Reindeer Food




[December 23rd, 2011 -  The day before, Christmas Eve]

This year we started a brand new tradition; making food for Santa’s reindeer. And of course, sprinkling it outside on our driveway, so they’re sure to stop at our house.

IMG_2287 I must have heard the question: “Wait, what are we doing again?” about a million times. 


But after it was all done, I’ve gotta say, I think we will be making this a yearly tradition.


It was silly, and kinda was corny, but it was also a memory maker.

And who doesn’t love that?


First I set up a Reindeer Food Buffet table. 

The cookies were for us,  - just in case we got hungry during the making of it.

We need to eat too ya know.


We had four different ingredients in our reindeer food.

1.) Wrapping Paper (a glitter substitute.)

2.) Magic Oats

3.) Swedish Fish

4.) Red & Green Sugar


First I added wrapping paper pieces. Truth be told, this should have been glitter. That’s what the recipe called for, and obviously what reindeer prefer.  But, sadly I was all out.

Ring the alarm, there is no glitter!  This mama has really been slacking I guess.

I actually sent a text to my husband that said:

“Having a glitter EMERGENCY, please call me ASAP!!”

Most men would have completely ignored me after that sentence, but not my husband.

He called me back to say:

“What are you talking about a glitter emergency? Did someone die by using too much glitter?”

(obviously, our definition of the word “emergency” differs quite a bit…)

Me: “No, I’m just all out of it, and I really need some right now.”

Ryan: “Yeah okay, you glitter junkie.”

Me: “I’m being serious, I really need you to pick some up on  your way home.”

Ryan: “Haha, yeah… I’m so not doing that.”

Me: “Plllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeee, it’s really important.”

Ryan: “uuuuggggggghhhh… fine. I’ll go to Wal-Mart. I hate you, bye.”

Me: “THANK YOU! - Love you, bye”  =D


First of all I would like to say that I really love my husband for putting up with my crazy craft habits, but guess what?

Wal-Mart has NO glitter. WTH?!    So he ended up coming home empty handed.

That = me being frustrated.

And me being frustrated = me using wrapping paper as a substitute.


That’s when I said to myself:   “The reindeer really aren’t gonna like this.”  

(After I had already cut up the wrapping paper into tiny pieces, my friend Katie suggested I use sprinkles- which also would have worked… Oh well, what’s done, is done. It was a good idea though.)


Then we had the Magic Oats.


These are crucial.

They are what help the reindeer fly. I would highly recommend adding a lot of this.


Nobody wants to see Rudolf doing a downward spiral over New Jersey, because little Johnny in Vermont didn’t add enough Magic Oats.  


[Plus, who wouldn’t want extra bit of magic?]


Then we have Swedish Fish.

Who knew reindeer would love these so much?   They are pretty yummy though.

These almost make up for the whole adding the wrapping-paper-instead-of-glitter thing. 


IMG_2291 Then last ingredient, that really ties it all together, is the red & green sugar.


1 part packet of green jello,

1 part packet of red jello,

and 1 part sugar.


If you don’t have this, it’s pretty much no good.




Picnik collage1

And that my friends, is what reindeer food is made of.




Putting it all together


Buffet style, the whole family just went down the line.

Adding just the right amount of each ingredient.


My little man had his own special cup. It lights up and everything!


Everyone else just used Ziploc bags. Not as magical, but it got the job done.


Once everyone was done filling their bags/ cup, we set them aside, and waited until the next night for the fun to begin.



[December 24th -  Christmas Eve]

With our reindeer food all ready to go, we grabbed our winter coats, our gloves and even a few blankets to try and keep warm during the distribution.


Huddled up together, shivering with big smiles on our faces, we walked out the front door and headed for the end of our driveway.


Our hearts were light, filled with what can only be described as child-like imagination.


Once it was sprinkled all over the top of the cement, we said loudly: “Alright Santa, have the reindeer come get it!” and we quickly ran back inside.


The only thing left to do, was wait.

Wait for evidence they were there.

[Hopefully in form of hoof prints, or the food disappearing, – not a gift on the front lawn.]

I can just see them thinking: “Ha, that’s what I think of those pieces of wrapping paper in our food.” 


While we waited I may or may not have looked into a glitter/ craft supplies rehab program.



Coming Soon:   {Part 2} of our Christmas Catch-up 2011 - Our Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.




Picnik collage1 

P.S. – Did you see the The beautiful snowflake name card holders? They are courtesy of The Favour Shoppe. I absolutely LOVE their products!!  Their shop is definitely the best place to go and buy party favors from online!


& The Reindeer printables that I used, can be found HERE.


Sara Culp said...

What a cute idea! We put out just plain ol carrots for our reindeers. Santa got a gingerbread house and milk this year instead of cookies. It was a fun morning. I'm going to have to try making reindeer food next year. Aayden loves crafts! His fav this this year was our "elf on a shelf". Elfy was a big hit in our house. I bet noah would love an elf next year! Wish you guys were here! Miss u! love u all! Happy New Year!

Leanne said...

OM Goodness!!!! Is this the cutest thing I've ever seen???? YES!!!!! So love the whole buffet display, and the story behind it!!! MUST remember this next year! Lovely lovely post, my new friend!

Hollywood Farm Films said...

We did a similar thing, we made reindeer food by stringing cranberries and popcorn and raisins. We tied the strings out in the trees on the farm! We checked in the morning and everything was eaten, and so the reindeer farce continues!!

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