Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011 – [ & Jewelry Giveaway ]


Another Halloween has come and gone. And it is clear to me, that my little man is growing up.


This year he dressed up as a pirate. I was lucky he never said I need to be such and such, because I had already bought his costume well in advance. 


Would you believe me if I told you I bought this costume for under $2?



After Halloween sales make me a very happy mom.

(I try and get a few costumes each year. You can also use them to play dress up.)

Picnik collage1

Note to self: Don’t forget about the after Halloween sales.


We had every intention of making another trip to the apple orchard. But like I said, this year, Halloween kind of got away from us.


Which is a bummer to me, because truth be told, I’m a sucker for Halloween. [Pun totally intended.]


… I love any holiday for that matter. I love a reason to celebrate, to see friends and family, to get dressed up or to eat yummy food.


I need that kind anticipation in my life. All of the little traditions to look forward to. I love the excitement that comes with it.


Sometimes it's hectic or chaotic leading up to it, but when it's there, it's good. I mean really good.


That reminds me, I wanted to tell you about what happened this morning.


I was lazy getting out of bed this morning, which rarely happens - (only about every-other day)


So my little man went downstairs a few minutes before me. Saying he needed to go get a glass of water.


For those of you without kids, you’re probably like – well good, he should be independent and learn to get things himself. Yes, this is true.

However, those of you with young children know better. Because this is never a good thing.

Here’s why…


They will eat or destroy, whatever you have previously said no about - without feeling guilty what-so-ever.


And then, they will give you a face like ‘Dude, it’s not my fault, you weren’t down here to tell me no… I  had to make an executive decision on whether or not I should eat the entire chocolate cake. It just seemed like the right thing to do.’

Which is exactly what happened!


I dragged myself out of bed, as I yelled down the stairs 

“What are you doing down there?  Wait for me. Let me just get dressed really quick.”

I throw on a pair of jeans, and book-it down the stairs. Because in my mind I know it’s been quiet for way too long.


I turn the corner, looking into my kitchen - I see him sitting on the counter, with a fork in his hand,  literally gnawing at the inside of a box that was - until this morning, filled with chocolate cake.

I’m frozen. Looking at him with big concerned eyes; no anger, mostly just disbelief.

The sugar zombie had returned.  And apparently he hadn’t been fed in awhile.

It was like a scene out of The Walking Dead, right there on my counter. Thank goodness, it wasn’t a red velvet armadillo cake.

(10 points if you can name what movie that’s from.)

I was at a loss for words, I just stood there waiting for a response from him. For a split second he noticed me,  he looked up, paused, and then went straight back to what he was doing- but faster.

Terrifying. Completely terrifying.


Can we trick or treat yet?

After our little photo shoot, my sweet boy didn’t quite understand why we couldn’t leave right then to go solicit people for candy.


He tried so hard to be patient, but every ten minutes or so I would hear “Can we leave yet? Can we go? What’s stopping us?”


“Honey, it’s not dark yet, and mommy still needs to put her face on.”


Is it wrong, that when I put on make-up, and he asks me what I’m doing, I tell him a story that goes something like this…

“Once upon a time, in a land just like ours, mommies had to put make-up on their faces or they would have no face at all.

So all the good little boys and girls gave their mommies lot’s and lot’s of time to get ready, while they played quietly in their rooms.

Because they never ever wanted to see their mommies without a face.  And they all lived happily ever after. – The End.”


hmmm…  reading that back makes me think he might need some counseling in the future.

But hey, at least I have a face.




I have the Hook Up.

I think it’s pretty well known that I hate wasting money on things I can do myself. I’m constantly saying:  I could make that, no problem.

It’s almost a disorder. My mind is like a pinterest-like, black-hole.  Filled with ideas that must created in real life. The only problem is time, and money. I’m a hoarder of creative ideas.

I try to push myself to create. To create anything, not just craft projects, but love, memories, traditions. It’s all the same to me.


People see it in my eyes. [By people, I mean my husband.]

I get this look, the look of a crazy artist, with ideas swirling around in their head.

Whenever he sees that look and he gets scared.

Almost as if I was about to change. Werewolf style. Maybe I’m a craftwolf.

dun. dun. dun.

My son is a sugar zombie, and I'm a craftwolf, we were practically made for this holiday.

So I got the crazy look; I turned into the craftwolf, and this is the result.


I made my son the hook to his pirate costume, with a few simple household items.


1.) A plastic cup- with a [small-medium sized] hole cut in the bottom

(I painted it black. I used acrylic paint- I could have put another coat on it, so that you weren’t able to see the paint brush lines. But really, it was dark out, and you couldn’t see them anyway. Plus, I didn’t have time to add a second coat. So it worked just fine.)


2.) A Plastic Hanger - for the hook. -  I just cut the top portion off with scissors. I measured (just by looking at it) how wide the cup was. I wanted it to fit tightly inside so he would have something to grab onto.


3.) Tin foil – I stuck the hanger inside the plastic cup, so that the hook end came out through the hole, that was originally cut out of the bottom of the plastic cup.


Then I wrapped tin foil around the hook part of the hanger. And tapped around it with regular clear tape.

It ended up working great. And cost me nothing.




Day of the Dead - I have a face now.

Picnik collage6

Like I said in my last post, Prelude to Halloween:

I dressed up as a floral, skeleton, inspired by the Mexican holiday day of the dead.  

IMG_1368 (2)

This holiday focuses on being with family and friends to pray for and celebrate the lives of  friends and family members who have died.


[Red table cloth ftw.]



Trick or Treat


This was our first Halloween without Ryan. He had to be in Arizona for work, and we missed him.

(I have a secret…….   he comes back to MI on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Holidays just aren’t the same when the whole family isn’t together.


But that is another great reason to have this blog. It’s a way for Ryan to be right a long side of us when he can’t be there physically. 


Luckily my parents were here, so that made it a little easier on us both.






Picnik collage2



The past few years we’ve taken him trick or treating he didn’t really know what to do, and wasn’t really sure if he liked the whole asking strangers for candy thing.

But this year he liked it. Almost more than I wanted him to.


This year it was all him.


As much as you tell him (beg him, is more like it) to “be polite and for sure say thank you before you leave!  Oh yeah, and say Happy Halloween - because grown-ups like that sort of thing.”

I never really know what he’ll end up doing.


Let me tell you, my child is something else.

Picnik collage3

He would run up to a house, say “Trick or Treat”

– Impatient, that people weren’t answering the door fast enough, he would open it for them! And stand there (getting ready to tap his foot) waiting for them to hand him candy.

I would say in a serious mom voice: “Sir, where are your manners?!”  -  as he ran away from the house he had just broken into. 

And still, he’d do it again, again.


Then he would stare at them until they said “Oh is there something else you wanted?”


Or if they didn’t say anything, he would say “Wow, what kind of candy is that?” and point to the kind he wanted more of until they handed it over.


Oh and this was my favorite- One lady gave him some candy, and he said "That’s a really nice garage you have there, could I have some more?”

True story.       The kid is three.


And don’t even get me started about the neighbors house where he peeked in and saw toy cars. He ran inside the house and started driving them around their living room. My dad had to literally drag him out of there.  Talk about awkward.


I think we need to have a talk about trick or treating etiquette. You know, just so we’re on the same page.



You better check yo self before you wreck yo self


Good ole’ candy sorting. Because, well, there are sickos in this world.


There should be one of those funny E-cards about this subject.

(or maybe there already is… If so, I wanna see it.)

Picnik collage4


Please excuse me while I slip into a sugar coma.

Vegetarian Chili and peanut M&M’s are calling my name.

Picnik collage5




I'm really excited about the newest sponsor.  And with the holidays coming up, I couldn’t think of a better person to buy handmade jewelry from.  A long-time friend, and amazing designer; Introducing Sara Nolte Designs. Offering jewelry that ranges from clean and simple to elegant and stylish.

This week courtesy of Sara Nolte Designs, I am doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching 300+ ‘Likes’ on facebook.

There will be total of three lucky winners.

1.)  Pale Aqua quartz bracelet with Balinese sterling silver accents and Karen Hill Tribe sterling silver toggle closure. 8.5 inches in length.


2.) Karen Hill Tribe Balinese sterling silver starfish with creamy freshwater pearls on sterling silver earwires. 1.5 inches from earwire.



And my personal favorite -

3.) Smooth barrels of rare blue kyanite & faceted black pearls all hand wrapped onto sterling silver chains. Sterling silver earwires. 2.5 inches in length.


I will draw three names –going in the order of each item.

[ The first winner will get 1. /  the second will get 2. / the third will get 3. ]


Here’s how YOU can win:  [This Giveaway Has Ended – Check out the next post -to see who won.]

There are three different ways to enter-

1.) leave a comment on any one of my blog posts -  with your name (and blog, if you have one.)  (one entry)

2.)Write a status update on facebook with a link back to my facebook page; telling your friends why they should like my page. Feel free to talk about the giveaway!  [note: It’s important you use the @ Karey Ellen Designs , or I won’t be able to see that you wrote it.] (one entry)

3.) ‘Like’ Sara Nolte Designs on Facebook and leave her a comment telling her which one is your favorite. [Note: You must leave a comment, or I won’t know who to enter in the drawing.] (one entry)

(Up to 3 entries per person. However, you are limited to winning one item only.)


Good Luck!! :D




Sara Culp said...

I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG! Your Halloween pictures were so fun to look at. I can see why you love Michigan. It's beautiful there in the fall! I guess being an AZ native I don't know what changing seasons look like! We miss you guys! xo Sara

Mom for Less said...

Love the jewelry! I can't pick a favorite, they are all gorgeous.

Found you through Mom Bloggers Club!

Anonymous said...

Karey!!! omg! noah looks exactly like in those halloween pictures! its crazy- and must be the beard/mustache thing he's got goin on. ;) adorable tho! and the boys were the same way this year about trick or treating! it was funny and embarrassing! can't wait til u guys get back- we deer need to do a play-date! <3 u guys!!! tell ur family hi for us and that we love them!
<3 meg.

thisisme said...

I love your blog and your pictures! Noah is getting so big we miss you guys!
Danielle, Hannah, Andrew and Elijah!

SarahEP85 said...

Love the page Karey! I hope your "likes" keep going up and up from here!!! <3

The Favour Shoppe said...

Those are SO cute!!! LOVE all your photos too!!

elliebean78 said...

amazing pictures from halloween karey! i'm loving the smaller earrings! i cant wear necklaces, since i have a permanent one... lol. but i love earrings. would love those!

great job on the blog as always! i'm always looking for DIY stuff, and you've had great stuff before.

Lana Hunt said...

Love reading your blogs, seeing recipes and pretty pictures of cupcakes, and your family. Nicely put together.

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