Saturday, October 8, 2011

We are all connected in the great circle of life.


(I am also on my 25th chapter (25 years old), and fossilizing the moment has never been so important.)


The Lion King


  One of the things Ryan wanted to do as a family, was go see The Lion King (in 3D).  Apparently, we weren’t the only ones.

While I was watching it I started to get really emotional.  I mean, I knew I was gonna cry. I can’t make it through a Disney movie, (or pretty much any commercial involving a baby) without some tissue. But it turned out to be very symbolic to our family, which made it even more emotional for me.

First of all, we are also a family of three lions, with a new(ish) baby boy.

And with Ryan going into such a dangerous career, I couldn’t help but think of  a few “what if’”  scenarios, and then I started worrying about my own Simba.  It brought up a whole bunch emotions that military wives try not to think about.


[My favorite part of this movie. ]


Adult Simba: I know what I have to do. But going back will mean facing my past. I've been running from it for so long.
[Rafiki hits Simba on the head with his stick]

Adult Simba: Ow! Jeez, what was that for?

Rafiki: It doesn't matter. It's in the past.

Adult Simba: Yeah, but it still hurts.

Rafiki:  Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or  learn from it.
[swings his stick at Simba again who ducks out of the way]

Rafiki:  Ha. You See? So what are you going to do?

Adult Simba:  First, I'm gonna take your stick.



Moving on, from my emotional breakdown over a Disney movie (girl, get yourself together);


Was anyone else really freaked out about hearing JTT’s voice?  Hearing him took me back to the days of watching Home Improvement, while reading a Teen Bop magazine. I guess that means time really doesn’t stand still. :/


A lot can happen when you’re not looking.



This is just a test.

-Oreo Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting-


With Ryan around, I finally had time to do some baking. It’s like meditation for me. I get in a baking zone.

I’ve been meaning to try and make some Oreo cupcakes for awhile. I made two different kinds; some with an Oreo at the bottom, and some with just Oreo chunks inside of the cupcake.

First, Ryan said he loved the cupcakes, but he didn’t like the ones with the Oreo in the bottom. Then, my dad was mad because there weren’t any cupcakes left with an Oreo at the bottom.

So, I guess I’ll just have to separate them next time, since you either like the cookie on the bottom, or you don’t.

Either way, they were good. It’s a keeper.


Hello there.

While I was busy in the kitchen, Ryan was outside doing yard work.

Talk about playing house.


Look what he found.


For the record, snakes don’t really bother me. Now, that doesn’t mean I'm gonna go pick one up and put it on my shoulders - to try and be like Britney Spears.  But I thought this was pretty cool.


When I first met Ryan, he owned a snake. [Most girls would probably be scared away at this point.] But not me, I honestly really liked the thing. 

After a few dates, he let me name it.  That’s when I knew it was true love.  (sarcasm)

I decided on the name Rasputin. Quite fitting for a snake I thought.

(Not sure why it didn’t already have a name.)


Unfortunately, Rasputin passed away about two years ago. We miss the little guy.


RIP  - Rasputin 2004- 2010



The Lake

I love my family. But a girl needs to get away sometimes. Ryan was here, and this was my chance. So, I took it.


That reminds me, our rear view mirror got a make-over.


I mustache you a question…

Why does this look so natural on me? 


My little guy looks like he should be dressed in a red shirt and blue overalls, jumping to the top of flag pole, to try and rescue the princess. Future Halloween costume possibly?

Picnik collage1

Anywho… Anyone that gets in our car has to try it on. That’s just the rules.


Speaking (or writing) of cars, did you know that I don’t drive? Like, I’ve never had a driver’s license, don’t drive.

In high school I took the Driver’s Ed class- and I did really well, except when it was time to actually get in the car. I was, and still am terrified. I even bought an awesome, green, Pontiac sunfire, with thoughts like, If I have a car, of course I’m going to want to drive it. Nope- I just had my boyfriend drive it for me.

And some how, I’ve managed to live this much of my life without it. My husband is no longer amused. (and I don’t blame him.)

To me, it’s  just a whole lot of responsibility, so many things to think about, fast choices to make. I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. It’s silly, I know this. I’m 25 for goodness sake. There are people 10 years younger than me, out there on the road right now, doing just fine, excited to be there even.

I know this is a problem. And I’m working on it…


So knowing all that, let’s just say, I am stressed out, and I really did need to get away.

I grabbed the keys, and told Ryan that I’d “be back in a little while”. He gave me  double-take and said “Wait- what?  Where are you going?”


Me:  “I need to run away.”

Ryan:  “Well, if you do, make sure you take our son with you.”

Me:  “I’ll give him a stick with a burlap bag tied to the end of it, and we’ll be on our way…

we’ll be just like The Boxcar Children.”

Ryan:  “Unfortunately, you need a handkerchief for that and you don’t have one, so I guess you have no choice but to stay.”

Me:  “I’m very creative, I’ll make it work. I better pack some toilet paper in it, or it will be duel survivor instead of The Boxcar Children.”

Ryan:  “Don’t forget the curling Iron.”

Me:  “No need, I’ve decided to get dreads, and put a few beads in it.”

-We just stare at each other.-


“Just around the neighborhood. I won’t be long.”

Now, before you start to question the safety of the children in my neighborhood. I do know how to drive. I’m just scared to do it with other cars around. So going around the block wasn’t that big of a deal, no busy streets, no express ways.

I knew exactly where I wanted to go.



There is a lake, pretty close to our house, that I take my little man to. I talked about it in Don't Think Twice.


It’s quiet there.



[I’m contemplating taking a few of these tree stumps home, painting them white, and using them as end tables.]


I imagine The Great Valley, from ‘The Land Before time’ looking something like this. IMG_0801 IMG_0819

My thoughts swirled together in my head, just like the colors of the water.


It feels like Ryan just got home, and already he needs to leave for a drill weekend in Arizona.


And the biggest thing that has been on my mind is my grandma.


In Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt, I talked about how she was battling stage 4 lung cancer. And in Family friends and staying centered, I rejoiced in how she was miraculously cured of it.


But unfortunately,  it has returned, and she isn’t doing very well.


And although I love to blog about the fun, and happy times, these times are part of the life too. Everyone goes through them.


And as much as you want to focus on the negative, you really need to celebrate the positive.


Like Rafiki said,  you must learn from the past. And if it’s one thing I learned the last time she was sick- it was to have hope. There is always hope.


And along with learning from it, we must appreciate that it’s because of times like these, we remember to love a little deeper, hold our kids a little tighter, try not to sweat the small stuff, and when there’s a great moment you must try and fossilize it.


Because you want to remember  the great times, not the hard ones.


“Just because you’ve had a bad day, doesn’t mean you’ve had a bad life.” –I  love that quote, because it’s so true.


 Hakuna Matata



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