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TEXAS (this is the last one, I promise) - Part 6 – SeaWorld

BMT 260

~~~~~ My personal Disclaimer about this trip.

I’d like to start out by saying, I’ve seen the movie ‘The Cove’, I even wrote about it: ::HERE::
and this wouldn’t have been my first choice of where we went. But it was free
(I didn’t see many dolphins there btw. Which I thought was strange.)

Sea World- San Antonio, offers up to 4 FREE tickets for active military members.
How amazing is that?!  (Normally they run about $60 a person!)

So, although I don’t completely agree with  shows that have animals in them (etc);
It’s kind of like, even though I’m a vegetarian- If I’m walking [with Ryan] in the mall, and they offer me one of those toothpicks with the free chicken sample, you know I’m grabbin’ one!  Definitely NOT for me to eat, but I’ll give it to Ryan afterwards. I just can’t help myself. It’s free.


[Ryan had been to the one in California when he was younger. This was my first time going to any Sea World, same for our little guy.]

Along for the ride, was Auntie M, my brother in law- Cameron, and his friend Chad.

BMT 193
BMT 189
BMT 192
BMT 191
Somebody always gets spoiled when Uncle Cameron’s around…

Perfect examples: New sunglasses (he really did need these though) and a straw with Shamu on it, that he’ll probably lose in about 6 minutes. 
Are you so bored when you take a drink, that you need it to resemble a water slide?  Do people actually take them home and try and use them in an everyday glass? When you have friends over do you offer them a straw with Shamu on it?  Sorry, I just don’t understand these straws.
Picnik collage1

We amazingly do still have it.

The next person who comes over is getting this in the their glass. And I will remain completely serious when I hand it to them.

BMT 198
BMT 199

Below are a couple of Ryan’s attempts at using my camera. 

He caught me off guard in my, *raised eyebrow, I’m not amused face. I look so stuck up in the first picture. LOL I apologize to anyone who see’s this face- unless you did something wrong,  then you totally deserve it.Picnik collage2

When we’re done here, I’d like a pink limousine waiting outside for me. 

Please make sure there is a COLD Hazelnut iced latte (light on the ice), a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and Channing Tatum (shirtless) inside.  thx.

Oh and bring me my scepter.

BMT 206
Baby shamu. How adorable is that. (Put him in the limo too.)
BMT 210
BMT 213
[Waving to the audience]
BMT 216
BMT 217
[It was a cruel trick.]
BMT 218
And, then they fell for it again.
BMT 220
And again.

Is it bad I like watching the people’s reaction to being splashed, more than I like watching Shamu?
Just keepin’ it real.

BMT 221
I think this trainer may have a split personality. He looks so happy and nice, then this. :/
BMT 222
[Waving bye]
BMT 223
Mmmhhmm... I make blubber look good.
BMT 224

Oh my gawd. so cute.

I-just-wanna- talk-to-it–in-a-wittle-puppy-dog-voice -oh-yes-i-do.

BMT 225
BMT 226
BMT 227
BMT 228
BMT 229
BMT 230
BMT 232 I see teeth! :DBMT 237
BMT 238
BMT 239
BMT 240
Great Show! I saw no animal cruelty, except for the daggers that guy was throwing with his eyes.
BMT 234


Arcade & Air Conditioning

If I had to describe Sea World:
  • lot’s of fish
  • holy-crap-bees-everywhere
  • super-freaking-hot

The bathrooms just happened to be inside of an air conditioned arcade/ nature museum-center thing.

BMT 242
(I think he wanted to jump inside and stay there for the rest of the day.)
BMT 241
BMT 244

Water Park Area

If you go here in the summer time, it’s best to bring a swim suit just in case. You may go there thinking you don’t want to get wet. But trust me, if it’s anywhere near as hot as it was the day we went, you’ll reconsider.

I went there thinking I didn’t want to get wet.

I reconsidered.

[Plus, my little guy needed a friend in there-  since daddy couldn’t get his uniform wet.]

BMT 246
The water park area was by far, his favorite part.
BMT 255
You can just go ahead, and ignore this next picture.
BMT 249
If only we had a few of these babies in our backyard.  He’d be busy for hours.
BMT 251
[Uncle Cameron- also sorry he didn’t bring his swim suit.]
BMT 253


 The Aquarium

I was looking forward to this part!

BMT 256
I mean, this is Sea World and all, so it better be good!
BMT 259
Turns out, the fish were just alright, but the love was overflowing.
BMT 264
Somebody missed their daddy.
BMT 265
BMT 267
BMT 268
BMT 269
BMT 270
BMT 271
Dun Dun… Dun Dun…. Dun Dun Dun…. (my attempt at the Jaws theme song. lol)
BMT 274
It’s Shark Time.
BMT 278
BMT 277
BMT 279
BMT 281
BMT 284


After Sea World

We dropped Ryan off at his dorm.

Knowing we only had more day left to spend with him.

Sunday was a relaxed but very difficult day.  Having to say goodbye is something I’m never prepared for.  Especially since we weren’t sure when we would see him again.

Usually an Airman graduates, and goes straight to wherever his tech school is to complete his training.  But because Ryan switched jobs in the middle of BMT, his classes didn’t start for another month or so.

His orders were to fly back to Phoenix,  Arizona the next morning. (That is where we are from, but because of him being away, we decided it would be best if we  stayed with my parents in Michigan, until he’s done with school.)

So, Ryan ended up leaving the base before we even woke up. Our flight left around 3:00PM and we arrived back in Michigan Late that night.


Fast Forward- to today.

The start date for Ryan’s classes was pushed back [again]. As far as we know, he is supposed to start at the end of January. [Which means we get to spend a few more holiday’s together now, so that’s good!]

As of right now, he attends drills in Arizona (once a month) and then fly's back to stay with us.

Our family being back together has been so amazing.  And although all of this going-back-and-forth  has been chaotic, it’s just something we have to do right now.  We’ll get through it. 

All I know is, we’re together and my heart is happy.

BMT 261

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Mary Ellen Chodur said...

I really liked and appreciated your Blog of your BMT graduation experience. Thank you! Hope things are going great for your son, your Airman and you!

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