Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TEXAS [Part 2] - The Alamo

I really can't blame him for making this I-hate-your-guts for making me wake up face because I do the same thing... Actually I'm worse.

Clearly, my early morning excitement for seeing all that the city had to offer wasn't shared by my travel partner.

Too much to see, too much to do. We can sleep at home - is my motto.

It took a little convincing, and I might have promised him some ice cream. But he eventually got up.

[First stop, The Alamo!]
On our way there we passed

The Majestic Theater

"Legendary performers such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Mickey Rooney and George Burns. Contemporary comedians and performers such as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, B.B. King and Tony Bennett have all performed at the Majestic Theater. "


The Children's Museum

(It gave me a panic attack just looking at all of the chaos happening inside that building.)

And one of the most popular attractions, Ripley's believe it or not.

(Apparently, you can Text omg to 77007, for a 2 for 1 - offer on Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Wax Works. I didn't try it myself though.)

There was a neat haunted ride next to Ripley's, it looked really fun (and most of all air conditioned) but it was $18 a person. And to me that's just crazy talk.

How about I keep my 40 bucks, and I'll just imagine what it would feel like to be be scared... and broke.
  Thank you.

According to a tour we took later on in our trip, this is the most visited tourist attraction in all of Texas.

I was pretty excited to check this place out. I had even done my home work on it.

Well, kinda... I watched a special about it on the travel channel.

I had seen the movie, you know the one with Billy Bob Thornton (on spring break, at a Florida drive in, my senior year of high school to be exact.)

-Before you read that and think bad thoughts, I was a good kid, so calm down.-

All I remember was thinking is; this is soooo boring, and I didn't understand any of it.

So to learn it's history, was probably the good, adult like, thing to do.
Without giving away the ending - It is an awesome story. About some really brave men.

First of all, it was FREE. So that part was my favorite.

As you walk in the front doors, you are greeted by people saying "Please, no pictures". boo.
I guess I understand them wanting to have people see it for themselves though.

It was a large, rectangle room, with a very high ceiling. There were other little rooms connected on each side.

Each one, showed different engraved messages. Such as dates, or pictures on the walls.

There was one room in-particular that really gave me chills. It was where all of the women and children gathered together to try and stay safe. Looking inside made me feel weighed down with worry, and I felt a sense of helplessness. It was pretty intense.

Other than that, it was just kind of interesting, not great. I didn't feel like they told the story very well. I think someone who was just walking through, without any knowledge of what had happened there, could have left with no new information.

They should have had a video playing (obviously, not the Billy Bob one...) or some kind of re-enactment. I don't know, a better presentation would really make it great. (Who am I kidding? I was hot, and cranky.)  

It was just so unbelievably hot outside, and my little guy only wanted to be picked up. But really, I can't complain too much, I mean it was free and all.

Outside of the main building, they had a garden area (that did give facts about The Alamo), and they also had a gift shop. I'm still thinking about these adorable children's canteens they had inside the store.

While we were inside the gift shop, my mother in law called and said they were at a restaurant on the Riverwalk.

So we started walking in that direction...

Not exactly realizing, how far it actually was from us.

I believe we almost died of heat stroke trying to find them.

Did I mention it was hot outside? Very very hot & very humid.
(This isn't the last time I will say this, cause it was bad and I'm a wimp.

After drinking a few giant cups full of ice cold water, we were okay. Hydrate people. Hydrate.

This is the ridiculousness that was waiting for us by the way. [Auntie M rockin the signage.]

We picked up our bags from the Sheraton hotel, (they were nice enough to hold them for us after we checked out). And we headed toward Lackland Air Force Base. Woooo Whoooo!!

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