Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day - GIFT IDEA #2 (Blog Rewind)

Do you ever drink these delicious Starbucks coffees?

I drink them all the time.
 Every time I drink one I think what great glass bottles these are.
I finally started saving them- and the holder they come in.

So, what can you turn these into?
A Toolbox!!

Filled with Candy instead of tools!

(I did all M&M's because that's what I had-
 but you could do 4 different kinds of candy)

But once it's empty-
 he can use it to store
 Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Nails, Push Pins, ETC.

They will also be easy to see
 because each one has a different pattern on it.
I was going to put bows on them-
but little ties seemed much more appropriate :)
I also added little scrap booking stickers
 to make the holder more manly.
Once Father's day is over
he might take the ties off and
put them on a shelf without the holder-
which is just as cute.
To make the holder
I just painted the bottom grey and the handle black.

For the bottles-
I took the labels off and used
 Modge Podge (my other true love)
to glue card stock around the middle.
I also cut out a circle for the cap.
Then, I added buttons with a glue gun
 to make it look like a little shirt :)

Organization has never looked so manly (and cute!)   ;)


Father's Day - GIFT IDEA #1 (Blog Rewind)

Father's Day Gift Idea

You'll need:

  • A Glass Jar-  (Try:  the dollar store/ used spaghetti sauce jars etc.)

  • Ribbon (I love using them off old gift bags)

  • Modge Podge (I say on a daily basis how Mod Podge completes me)

  • Nuts/ Peanut M&M's / His favorite type of candy

  • Sticky letters (buy them when they are on sale- you will always use them later)

  • Card Stock Paper

  • Gift Tag (you could make your own- see Printable Gift Tags)

  • Creativity ;)


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