Friday, October 1, 2010

Paper Bag Pumpkin!

Isn't this Paper Bag Pumpkin adorable?
And It was FREE & Easy to make.
All you do is...
Take a big paper bag- I used an old olive garden take out bag I had.
.Pull out the bottom inside corners a little, to make it look more round.
You stuff it full of newspaper.
Tie the top with a rubber band
Make sure some of the paper bag is sticking out of the top.
Paint it orange.
And then paint on a face.
You could even tie some cornstalk stuff around the rubber band
I didn't have any that,
so I used some materials leftover from another project.
The first night we had it sitting outside someone pumpkin-napped it!
(Probably kids? I'm hoping...)
It was thankfully returned, unharmed.
If you are looking for an easy, low cost project, perfect for kids.
This is it. :)



The Favour Shoppe said...

LOVE it! so cute!

Kandi said...

What a fun idea! Wondering what kind of paint you used?

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