Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BAKERY REVIEW (Mesa, Arizona)

Cakery Review

I've said it before and I'll say it again....
I love everything about cupcakes.
Baking them,
Eating them,
Looking at them...

I just love them.

Here is my review for:

 The Sugarlips Cakery

in Mesa, Arizona.

First of all, it's in a really funny location...
Right next door to a gun store.
(I'm really wishing I had taken a picture)

Can you imagine?
"Hey Honey, wanna go grab a cupcake-
oh and awesome, we can go next door
 and get that rifle you've been wanting..."

I'm sure they have laughed about this themselves. 

The name and logo is adorable!
And so was the inside of the store!
Pink, Pink and more Pink.
For this review-
My husband and son decided to come along.
This was kind of a bad idea...
Of course they had tons of cute things
 for my 2 year old to look at and touch break.

So, unfortunately because I was more worried
 about the destruction of their cute little shop
 I didn't get all of the information I wanted to. 

I did speak with Melody (what a cute name!)
who said they have Buy 1 Get 1 FREE cupcakes on Friday's!
That is a great deal!

[Normally they are $2.00 Each.]
We decided to get 3 cupcakes.
 1 for each of us.
(that we would share)
I love the pink boxes.
*Saving it for something in the future*
All the flavors they had out, (I thought) were very common.
I wish that I had thought to ask
 if they change their flavors often.
First was mine,
Chocolate Chip
Then my son's,

And my husband's,
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I must say mine was the best.
But Ryan's red velvet was a very close second place.

They were moist and fluffy!
And the frosting was smooth.
I normally don't even enjoy cream cheese frosting
and even that was yummy!

The chocolate chip was my favorite
 because the chocolate chips gave it
 just the right consistency when biting.

The only criticism I have might be that they are
 a little too moist.
(-which is better than too dry, in my opinion)
So, the chocolate chips really help with that.

They also gave my son a balloon
 which he really liked :)

Overall, I'd have to give Sugarlips Cakery
A Thumbs Up!

We can't wait to go back on a Friday!

For More Information on The Sugarlips Cakery

You can also check out their blog


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day (GIFT IDEA #2)

Father's Day
Gift Idea #2

Do you ever drink these delicious Starbucks coffees?

I drink them all the time.
 Every time I drink one I think what great glass bottles these are.
I finally started saving them- and the holder they come in.

So, what can you turn these into?
A Toolbox!!

Filled with Candy instead of tools!

(I did all M&M's because that's what I had-
 but you could do 4 different kinds of candy)

But once it's empty-
 he can use it to store
 Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Nails, Push Pins, ETC.

They will also be easy to see
 because each one has a different pattern on it.
I was going to put bows on them-
but little ties seemed much more appropriate :)
I also added little scrap booking stickers
 to make the holder more manly.
Once Father's day is over
he might take the ties off and
put them on a shelf without the holder-
which is just as cute.
To make the holder
I just painted the bottom grey and the handle black.

For the bottles-
I took the labels off and used
 Modge Podge (my other true love)
to glue card stock around the middle.
I also cut out a circle for the cap.
Then, I added buttons with a glue gun
 to make it look like a little shirt :)

Organization has never looked so manly (and cute!)   ;)


Father's Day (GIFT IDEA #1)

Father's Day Gift
Idea #1

You'll need:

  • A Glass Jar-  (Try:  the dollar store/ used spaghetti sauce jars etc.)

  • Ribbon (I love using them off old gift bags)

  • Modge Podge (I say on a daily basis how modge podge completes me)

  • Nuts/ Peanut M&M's

  • Sticky letters (buy them when they are on sale- you will always use them later)

  • Card Stock Paper

  • Gift Tag (you could make your own- see previous blog entry)

  • Creativity ;)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! (Cupcake- burger / cookie- fries)

I decided to do a Father's Day BBQ ;)

Have I mentioned how much I love Bakerella?!
She came up with these cute little things!

Cupcake Bun + Brownie Pattie

I also attempted to make the "French Fries"
 made out of sugar cookies and sugar "salt".
(Packaged in handmade wax paper holders)

For More Information on Bakerella
 and this recipe (plus tons more)


Friday, June 11, 2010

PRINT ME! (Laundry Lingo)

Laundry Lingo
-Care Tags Explained-
(Click to make bigger)

Feel free to print this out
 and keep it in your laundry room :)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To (Cooking Vegetarian 'Hamburger')

How To:
'How To' cook using a vegetarian hamburger.

Heat oil (EVOO or Vegetable is what I use) in pan over medium heat.

The best brand of "crumbles" I have found is Morningstar Farms.
They are best price also- normally around $3.32(ish) at Walmart.

1 bag usually works for my family of three.
If you like big portions or have more people, I would suggest 2 bags just in case.

It is much healthier than the real thing.

You know you want to see inside...

A closer look.

When you put it in the skillet it will look a lot like this.

Hold on little Man, Mamma's makin "ninner".

Keep stirring it around until it gets brown.

The package says to cook it for around 5 minutes.
I ALWAYS cook it longer. - Until it's good and brown.

At this point it's ready!

Take it out and use it for whatever recipe calls for Hamburger!


Tonight is Taco Night at our house.

Add your taco seasoning.

Now add your water.

Hey... I never said this was gonna be pretty.
But oh will it taste pretty!

This is what I call beautiful.

Alright, you're ready to dress it up.

I like to use Whole Wheat Tortillas.

My favorite brand is La banderita

(because they don't taste healthy! haha)
I like cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.
Pretty simple.
Don't they look fantastic?!
They also heat up really good.
So throw some of them in the fridge for later!

Now...Enjoy! :)


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