Sunday, April 25, 2010

Port #3 (Antigua/ Valley Church beach/ Nelson's Dockyard) Southern Caribbean Cruise

We shared a taxi with the on board hypnotist (Dr. Scott Lewis) to a recommended beach.
We made some friends from our cruise while we were there.
It was absolutely beautiful, quiet and relaxing...
until this crazy guy with a machete showed up.
(I'm not joking.)
While Ryan and I were having a romantic swim in the clear blue water,
a man started dancing on the beach.
He was chanting and talking to himself.
Ignoring him, we tried to slowly swim away to the other side of the beach.
He continued to jump along the beach, waving a stick, looking at everyone.
Suddenly, he was cornering a family (the friends we had made from our cruise).
A man, woman, and their three daughters.
Then we realize that he had a machete in his hand.
The situation immediately turned from weird into panic.
This guy was obviously crazy.
He asked them if they believed in God. And something about Princess Diana(?)
He wasn't making any sense.
The Father, not backing down, was concerned and trying to protect his family.
He was talking to him calmly saying
"Yes, I believe in God. Please leave us alone."
We looked at each other, still in the water, wondering if there was anything we could do.
Nobody was coming to help them.
At this point, the crazy guy was in the fathers face asking
Everyone is scared, not knowing what he will do, or what might set him off even more. 
Why are the police not being called?
There are quite a few people (employees, men) on the beach...
Finally, a woman (the sister of the owner) comes out and starts to ask him what he is doing?
She was so brave.
He ended up putting down the weapon and someone grabbed it.
The "Police" showed up about twenty minutes later.

Someone could have been seriously hurt.
We are so thankful that it ended peacefully.

After that, we really didn't want that to be our only experience in Antigua.
Since Scott had been there before
(he had done that itinerary a few times before while performing as the hypnotist)
he suggested we check out Nelson's Dockyard.

The boys grabbing a drink and a bite to eat in the bakery.
What a crazy day! It's time to get back on the ship.

Goodnight. [Tomorrow is Barbados.]


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