Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saying Goodbye - Southern Caribbean Cruise

So this is it. Our last full day on board this gorgeous ship.
The Atrium
Front Desk (2), Lounge,
Picture Area, Casino & Picture Area again
Pool Side Buffet and Pool Area

Gift Shop

Azura- One of the Main Dining Rooms.
Can you believe Ryan was still hungry?
The inside buffet was a great solution.

What a great group! You should youtube them, like now.
(well, after you're done here anyway.)
Le Cirque Bijou was an amazing show!
The Crew saying goodbye/ Thank you.

Another great thing about cruising is that Room Service is FREE.
Yes, Free. I love that.
Oh and that sandwich was soooo goood.
I'm still dreaming about having another one.
(I'm a vegetarian so I just had them leave the meat off.)

Who Doesn't love towel animals!?
It took us a second to realize this was a seal(?)
We thought it looked like something else.

The monkey was pretty cool. He had grapes for eyes!
And just like that our honeymoon is over.

Packing our stuff and saying thank you.
I can't wait to come back.
I could live on a cruise ship for the rest of my life and be content.
Until next time.


At Sea - Southern Caribbean Cruise

I always love having a balcony. It's the best way to cruise.
ahhh the sound of crashing waves and the smell of fresh ocean air
first thing when you wake up in the morning.........

Well, this is what happens when you spend all morning drinking by the pool.
You pass out by 3:00 P.M.

He finally did wake up so we could go see a show.
Tonight it is the Crew Talent Show.

It ended with a performance of  'Fountains'.
Now, prepare yourself for what is next.

It gets intense.


People love chocolate way too much.

And they are willing to defend it at all costs.

I found this out the hard way on our first cruise.

I went alone.

NEVER go alone.
(I warned you...)






Obviously, you need one person to grab the chocolate,
and the other to hold the plate(s).

Do you see that look he's giving the apple covered in chocolate?
I don't even get that look. lol

That was fun. Now it's time for The White Hot Party.
After The White Hot Party, we were invited to a party in The Garden Villa.
This is a big deal!
This is the most expensive suite on the ship.
Having worked at NCL, I know how much money people pay for these.
We also invited some friends we had met named Vicki and Eric.
Do they look familiar? They were on Extreme Home Makeover.
Vicki and I dancing. She was so sweet (and tall)! I was exhausted, so I went back to our cabin and got some sleep.
Ryan kept partying, and some how drunkenly locked himself in the bathroom...
It was an open bar, I don't really blame him.
Yes, he did get out after about 5 minutes.

Tomorrow, is our last full day.

We plan on enjoying the pool and eating more food.


Post #5 (St. Lucia) Southern Caribbean Cruise

Breakfast outside. Can it get any better?

A rainbow! I guess it can!

We really didn't know what to do at this port.
We ended up sharing a taxi with a nice Italian couple.
It took us all around the Island.

Random animal Ryan saw. I wonder what it is?

Back to the ship for dinner and of course dessert!


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