Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Wanna Get People Talking???
Try These festive Thanksgiving Conversation Starters!

-Peace, Love & Pumpkin Pie-

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Glass Jar Candles! (HOW TO)

These were so fun and easy to make!
They are my favorite Halloween craft so far.

::All You Need Is::
Glue (Mod Podge is a best friend of mine)
Clear Jar (I always save glass spaghetti jars for times like these)
Gift/ Tissue Paper (I used Orange, Green & Silver)
Black Permanent Marker
Paint Brush

::And Here's How You Do It::

Measure the tissue paper to fit your jar.
Without applying any glue, first make sure the amount you cut fits your jar.
Use your paint brush to apply your glue- a light (even) coat will work just fine.
(apply it to where ever you will be putting the paper.)
Wrap your paper around the jar, while smoothing it down.
Be careful not to tear the tissue paper- when it gets wet it rips easy.
(It's alright to have some lines- I think it builds character.)
If any of the tissue paper is not secure,
use the glue and your paint brush to lightly go back over the area.
Once it's dry, you can start drawing with your marker.
You could do faces, words, pictures whatever you like.
Place the candle inside,
and you're all done! :D


Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday! - Pumpkin Wreath

Here's How:
Find a wire hanger- bend it into a circle, as much as you can.
(I mean who uses wire hangers anymore anyway- unless they are making smores?)
And some large paper clips.
Use a hot glue gun to glue the paper clips all around the circle.
My circle was a bit lazy,
but it won't matter in the end.
And, obviously there are easier ways to do this.
They probably have a whole isle at Michael's dedicated to wreath making...
BUT, I'm not at Michael's and this is a low budget project...So on we go...
You will need some type of twig like material.
I had this leftover from Christmas.
(You could even go outside, collect branches and use those...)
Whatever you decide to use - the more bendable it is, the better.
(Do you see the pumpkin stem? Cute right?)
Using the paper clips as gluing points, start gluing the twigs around the circle.
Work like a clock, and just keep going around and around,
adding more twigs wherever it looks empty.
It's okay if some stick out. It will give it character.
Just make sure it looks even and circle- like.
Once you are satisfied with the fullness of the wreath,
You can paint it orange. I used acrylic.
(I'll talk about the beads soon.)
Next, you'll take a paper bag.
I used a Whole Foods "Keep It Cool" bag.
It was nice because it already had stripes on it.
You can use a plain brown bag or paint that too, it's really up to you.
Cut the bag in half  (shown above) so it's flat.
Turn your wreath over,
placing the paper bag on the backside of the wreath,
trace out the circle you need for your backdrop.
Make sure it's a bit larger than what you really need.
You can always trim it later.
Once you cut out your circle
Use your hot glue gun to secure it to the backside of your wreath.
Next, I used a beaded necklace to make the pumpkin's face.
Again, using the hot glue gun to secure it.
Then, I glued all the leftover orange beads to the wreath part.
I used these spooky letter beads from an old bracelet I had to write Halloween.
And because it's already a hanger, you don't need to use anything to hang it!
Have A Great Week!!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Paper Bag Pumpkin!

Isn't this Paper Bag Pumpkin adorable?
And It was FREE & Easy to make.
All you do is...
Take a big paper bag- I used an old olive garden take out bag I had.
.Pull out the bottom inside corners a little, to make it look more round.
You stuff it full of newspaper.
Tie the top with a rubber band
Make sure some of the paper bag is sticking out of the top.
Paint it orange.
And then paint on a face.
You could even tie some cornstalk stuff around the rubber band
I didn't have any that,
so I used some materials leftover from another project.
The first night we had it sitting outside someone pumpkin-napped it!
(Probably kids? I'm hoping...)
It was thankfully returned, unharmed.
If you are looking for an easy, low cost project, perfect for kids.
This is it. :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How To: Get Egg Out of Carpet

I interrupt this blog for an
 Oh My Gosh Moment!

Oh Nooo.......
When he started opening the fridge, I thought about buying one of those child locks for it.
And then, I thought that's silly. What a waste of money!
He really should know better.  (Key-word *should*)

After screaming "Get out of the fridge" a bazillion times, numerous time-outs,
and attempting to taping the fridge shut. This is what it has come to....

I think it's time to hold up the white mommy flag, and buy the dumb thing.

Do you know how hard it is to clean egg out of carpet?!

I bet now you're wondering how you do it....

: : : : : : : : : : TRY THIS: : : : : : : : : :

Using a brush and a mild sudsy ammonia water,
 scrub the area,
 -Be sure to get the solution deep into the fibers.-

Scrub the area out good,
 then rinse it thoroughly with warm water
 that has a teaspoon of fabric softener added to it.

 Dry the area very well with a towel or heavy cloth.

 When it's completely dry,
 vacuum the area to finish the cleanup.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday! (Free Hanging Art!)

Here is a picture
I have hanging in my office.

It makes me happy to walk in there and see it.
An affirmation almost.

Would you believe me if I said
It was originally a
Winter frame and a gift bag?
It's true.

Here's how you can
 turn a gift bag into a
new piece of FREE artwork!

Aren't all of these bags beautiful?!
Any bag will work- whatever inspires you.

Gift bags are something I ALWAYS keep.
If anyone has ever given me or my family a gift,
chances are it's in here or it's been reused.
I cannot stand wasting these bags!
It's a way to save money, recycle,
and now you can even make art out of them.

Once you have the bag/ design you want to hang,
Pick out a frame that will fit the image/design.

You can measure it out by tracing along the
outside of the glass
 or the side of the frame.

**Make sure you do not trace on the design side.
(You don't want your measurements
 showing on your design.)

**Also make sure you leave an extra inch or so
 when making the first cut.
You can always trim the sides down.
(If you have an exacto knife-
that would work great.)
The frame I picked is silver
with a holiday picture inside that says PEACE.
I really didn't want to mess up
 the design under the glass,
so I just put mine on top.
If you have a frame that is easy to take apart-
 feel free to put the design under the glass.

If you decide to put it on top of the glass,
You can just use tape in the corners.

And There you go!
New Artwork for free!

This is something that is also very easy
 to change out for different holidays.
And, great for last minute decorating!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Monday (Swedish Fish Cupcakes)

Aren't these adorable?!
Our friend Natalie turned 3 today!
We brought these babies to her party.

Here are some labels I made for her party.
and so the fish really didn't match- oh well...
I mean, you can't not like Swedish fish.

Water Bottle label

Happy Birthday Natalie!


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