Thursday, October 15, 2009

California (Tehachapi)

In October of 2009, Ryan and I went on a very short trip to California.
(These are pictures from our drive back to the airport; Tehachapi to LAX.)
[We Love & Miss You Grandpa Billy]
 I love these windmills. I just think they are fascinating.

Ryan eating a cookie.

And back to Phoenix we went...


Saturday, August 8, 2009

USS North Carolina Battleship

While in North Carolina we visited the USS North Carolina Battleship.
Here we go again with the educational stuff ;)

This is the same battleship seen on Jon & Kate Plus Eight! (I loved that show)

It was also mentioned in the book 'Dear John', by Nicholas Sparks.
I was really excited about seeing the movie version of 'Dear John', because the book took place in the same area we had visited. Unfortunately, they shot the movie in South Carolina instead. Bummer.
The ship was huge. But the space inside was extremely tight, giving you instant claustrophobia. The floors were metal, one on top of the other, all see through. I felt like I might just fall straight down to the bottom.
I'm thinking, if you have problems with heights or small spaces, this isn't the ship for you.

The ship's store (that would have been used by the men on board), stocked with things they might have purchased during that time period.

Make A Wish......................

Visiting this amazing ship was a lot of fun. Definitely an all day trip (and we didn't even see it all)!
I wouldn't recommend bring young children, although I did see some try... with all of those stairs and small spaces, it's very difficult to maneuver. No way are you get a stroller in there. I would also be worried the whole time about their safety, possibly falling, or touching something that is off limits.


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